Fairfax Media

Helping Fairfax Media better understand their BodyPass platform to make informed decisions.

We were were engaged by the GM of Digital for Life Style, Media and Events to assess the health and growth potential of the BodyPass product.


Data analytics


User testing


R Studio

Product Lifecycle

◌ Problem

◌ Solution

◌ Problem-Solution-Fit

● Product-Market-Fit

◌ Scale


Fairfax wanted to understand the viability of BodyPass and explore ways to increase its profitability. The subscription based product provided access to gyms, fitness studios and fitness related activities, however, there wasn't a mobile presence. Before investing in mobile, they wanted to make sure they had product market-fit.

Product Market Fit

We analysed all membership behaviour and established behavioural cohorts to make predictions about product growth. We then interviewed studios to gain a better understanding of their interaction with the platform and BodyPass customers to understand how they were using the platform.

We provided Fairfax with immediately actionable recommendations based on analysis using Data Science and Lean UX techniques. These techniques allowed us to make hypothetical adjustments of pricing and subscription models to understand options in maximising profit.

The recommendations were a blend of tactical steps and longer-term strategic actions. These included:

● Product changes to increase profitability.
● Identifying ‘Bad behaviour’ customers to remove.
● How to align marketing budget towards high profit segments.
● How to structure the business to match the operating cost profile to product revenue.

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