Ditno 2.0

Refreshing cloud security and empowering network operations.

After understanding current users frustrations, we worked hand-in-hand with ditno to refresh their digital cloud security platform and overall brand language. The new direction empowers their customers to manage their environments, have clear visibility and a full sense of security.


User interview

User testing


Responsive platform development

Website design & implementation


React JS

Auth 0


API Integrations

Product Lifecycle

● Problem

◌ Solution

● Problem-Solution-Fit

● Product-Market-Fit

◌ Scale


ditno approached us looking to help them craft their 2.0 experience with two goals in mind: dramatically improve user experience and become a recognised market leader in innovative network firewall security. Their current solution had the potential to differentiate from others in the market and they looked to us to help them redesign their platform and make it simple, effective and enjoyable to use.


We began with sitting with Andy Walker, founder of ditno, to deep-dive into cloud security and walk through the current platform, it's features and functionality, and some of the "why's" behind the decisions that were made. From there we got our own hands on the platform to audit the experience and identity challenges in the user experience. We then conducted interviews with current customers to confirm our assessment and uncover new opportunities for improvement.

Through these interviews we discovered two primary audiences:



Network Engineers  

This segment is in ditno often typically on a daily basis. They are monitoring logs, troubleshooting, and constantly reviewing the state of the network.

- Easy & simple to use
- Consistency in behaviour
- Ability to drill into necessary info quickly
- Ability to filter down quickly



Security Executives

This segment checks in on what's happening about once a week, primarily to jump in if an issue has arisen or to look at the dashboard and gather reports for a meeting.

- Easy & simple to use
- Visually pleasing
- Strong data visualisation
- Visual way to explore connections


Through discovery we identified a few core views and patterns that the majority of the experience was built on.

We first tackled the information architecture and updated the navigation to make it more intuitive and clear. Then we set out to really refine what tables and allocation patterns looked like, ensuring they were clear, informative, and compelling. This was the foundation of the platform that was critical to get right.

We also had identified a few signature moments that we could make shine for both executives and as a sales too. These moments included reporting graphs, and connectivity views to show relationships and critical connections.

A challenge ditno previously had was the lack of reusable components and patterns, nearly everything had been built bespoke. Because of that, one of our collective goals was to build out a design system to ensure consistency for this version and any future iterations.

Product Market Fit

To go along with this new direction of the platform, ditno realised they needed to update their marketing website to align with it. We worked closely with them to refine their messaging and launch a brand new look for their website using Webflow.

"Working with Upgrowth was a great experience and I would highly recommend their services and team. They helped us transform our security solution into an intuitive, visual, nicely designed and standardised management platform. The feedback from our customers has been great! Using their experience and skills, Upgrowth were able to provide feedback and suggestions to ensure the best outcome, this really came into fruition when the final product was released. I would definitely recommend them and look forward to working with them again."

Andy Walker, CEO and co-founder of ditno

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