Locally connecting people, councils, and businesses together.

We were approached by the Newscorp CTO to identify opportunities and develop a concept that would connect people, councils, business and interest groups together at the local level for consideration by the CTO, CPO and the MD of Community Publishing.


Research and personas

Design thinking


Workshop design and facilitation

User testing

Product Lifecycle

● Problem

● Solution

◌ Problem-Solution-Fit

◌ Product-Market-Fit

◌ Scale


Historically local communities and local news has been a strong and valuable part of the News Corp portfolio. Looking forward News Corp wants to continue those relationships even as the engagement with news and digital platforms evolves.

The digital transition of providing local news and connecting with local communities was putting local papers at risk.


We ran a workshop with the Heads of Digital Products, News Communities and the New South Wales division to understand the problem space, learn about the target demographic, and begin to plan what we could do as a solution.

The workshop gave us a clear understanding of the customer, so we ran an internal ideation exercise to explore concepts and identify the major opportunities that would really give the users a great experience.


We wanted to capture the local community ethos in an app, so we designed a concept that would connect people, councils, business and interest groups at a local level.

After identifying an opportunity we built a clickable prototype that was ideal to surface the strategy behind our proposed product, illustrating the monetisation opportunities that News Corp could leverage while providing users with a useful and engaging tool.


Along with key internal staff, we co-designed a concept for a platform to offer members of a community the opportunity to discover and engage with each other, local services, businesses and community groups in a way that was complementary to their existing lifecycle.

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