SAI Global

Establishing a digital-first case management system for conveyancers.

After gaining a deep understanding of their customer-base, industry and business through extensive research, we created a product for SAI compelling enough for their customers to switch from platforms they had been using for years.


Data analytics

User interviews

Journey mapping

User testing

Service design & CX research


Responsive platform development


Vue JS

AWS, Lambda



API Integrations



Product Lifecycle

● Problem

● Solution

● Problem-Solution-Fit

◌ Product-Market-Fit

◌ Scale


An outdated platform and a government mandate for e-settlement meant SAI Global were facing increasing pressure to provide their customer-base with relevant tools. Meanwhile their competitors edged ahead on newer technology and fresher offerings.


The experience phase kicked off with a prioritisation exercise to understand SAI’s business objectives, then we started speaking to their customers to understand the end-to-end process of purchasing or selling property. Our aim was to create a tool that helped them with their daily workflow and optimise their productivity.

We focused our efforts where customers were feeling the most pain and validated those assumptions through customer interviews. Based on their feedback we started designing and building out the experience. As the project progressed through stages of fidelity, we continuously tested and validated new features with customers, refining where needed or pivoting if we uncovered a critical need.


Establishing a digital-first case management system for the industry, we created a suite of tools and integrated with all services customers needed, previously unavailable all on the same platform.

We worked to a rhythm that suited our methodology of continuous delivery but allowed their internal team to set their own production release schedule.

With the long term intention to transition SAI to handle future development in-house, we also built out an extensive design system for the platform, ensuring long-term brand and product consistency for all future releases.

Product solution fit

With each State having its own nuances and regulations to follow, plus given the scope of the project, we decided to tackle NSW first and build all the core functionality needed to create matters for purchasers and vendors. We broke the journey down into core phases and through continuous delivery designed, built and validated each major feature set.

Each phase went through several rounds of concept validation and usability testing with customers, so we felt confident when we planned with SAI to run a pilot scheme to onboard live customers and provide them with the opportunity to shape the platform to their liking.

The alpha trial ran successfully with pilot customers, and we incorporated valuable early user feedback back into the platform. This enabled us to create a frictionless experience ready for a NSW launch.

While running a successful pilot in NSW, we started building out the next target state, Victoria. This began with a gap analysis workshop to uncover the major differences between states, quickly moving through the process and gaining a deep understanding of the requirements for adding state functionality, we moved into our continuous delivery rhythm in preparation for the market ready launch.

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