Suncorp - Marketplace

Elevating Suncorp to be the business partner of choice.

In just four months we designed and built the first iteration of a digital platform tailored for businesses wishing to partner with Suncorp.



Expert interviews

Ideation & concept validation



User testing

API development

Digital platform development


React JS


Node JS


AWS, Lambda


Product Lifecycle

● Problem

● Solution

◌ Problem-Solution-Fit

◌ Product-Market-Fit

◌ Scale


We were engaged to support the exploration of the partner and customer experience that's core to the Suncorp Group’s Marketplace strategic vision, and develop a platform that would elevate Suncorp to the partner of choice.


We conducted deep customer research and then synthesised insights to allow internal teams to begin scaling their capabilities around the processes of qualifying and onboarding partners from both a business process and technical perspective.

To help with uplift of the research, we used our tool, the Insights Engine, to promote the voice of the customer and enhance the Partner journey map that we presented back to the wider organisation.


We designed and built the first initial platform to enable businesses to partner with Suncorp, from a business process and technical perspective.

We built an API platform to open up Suncorp’s product and data APIs, allowing partner businesses to integrate directly. The platform merged operational needs, such as metrics, logs and access credentials with developer documentation and environmental access.

Co-designed & co-delivered

We worked with the Suncorp Strategic Innovation team to help deliver the project using co-design and co-delivery within an agile framework, our teams were embedded into Suncorp’s internal team allowing access to people and systems more freely.

We had autonomy to engage eternally off brand with other organisations, this provided an unbiased research perspective around the marketplace initiative.

During the project we had interactions with strategy, technology, security, procurement and customer experience teams to help define the project and lay the foundations for success.

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