Suncorp - Small Business Platform

Helping small businesses get their feet off the ground and manage operations.

Working with the Customer Proposition team, we designed and developed two digital products with a focus on startups and wheel-based businesses. In 12 weeks we designed, built, and validated two digital offerings that would allow Suncorp to explore platform offerings to help service small business owners.



Expert interviews

Ideation & concept validation



User testing

Web application development

Alpha trial


React JS

Node JS




Product Lifecycle

● Problem

● Solution

◌ Problem-Solution-Fit

◌ Product-Market-Fit

◌ Scale


The Suncorp Customer Propositions team researched growth opportunities to build value for key customer segments, which they had broken up into five streams. We were engaged to design and build key opportunities within the Small Medium Enterprises (SME) space, focusing on startups and wheels based businesses. These businesses were often undervalued and consequently under-serviced and the tools aimed at helping small business owners were relatively sparse and poorly designed.

The Suncorp team was interested in exploring tools and platforms that would help service small business owners, creating long-term value for their customers so that is where we focused.


Suncorp identified two core moments within the SME customer segment: the initial moment of starting their own business; and reaching the point where they were ready to significantly grow their business. With this target focus, we split the experiences into two digital products:

For new business owners we built Start Company, a platform driven by an expert system that guided users through setting up a business.

For existing SME customers we built VBM (Virtual Business Manager), a micro-app ecosystem that allowed customers to connect operational utilities and complete business improvement worksheets.


Our design of Start Company was a function-driven experience, educating the user with a no-obligation, self-service approach in the form of actionable 'blueprints'. We developed a concept leveraging previous learnings and built an MVP to increase understanding and viability of this market segment.

VBM underwent an early pivot to become focused on features that users needed (such as scheduling & invoicing) with worksheets to increase sales, referrals and increased margins. Conducting tests in users’ typical work environments using a live prototype, we found users were extremely time poor but willing to give a larger investment of time in order to make a positive change to their business. This drove a pivot to align project success criteria with user needs - Micro Apps.

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