Tourism Australia

Prototyping a bold new direction for Tourism Australia’s portal.

In partnership with service design agency Neoteny, we built a working prototype of a potential new version for Tourism Australia.


User testing and validation

Prototype application development


Google Cloud

Google App Engine

React JS

Product Lifecycle

● Problem

● Solution

◌ Problem-Solution-Fit

◌ Product-Market-Fit

◌ Scale


Neoteny had spent eight months doing user research on visitors to Australia, including user interviews in eight countries, and had come up with highly fidelity designs for Tourism Australia.

Neo needed to test a working prototype to help validate their research and designs, we were engaged to build out this prototype and help Neo test the solution.


We produced 32 working iterations of the design on two form factors to enable Neoteny to test their concepts with the tourist audience in focused testing sessions and intercept tests at Australian tourism landmarks.

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