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Upgrowth is a rapidly expanding Digital Product Studio and we’re looking for high-caliber designers and developers to join our team.

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Working at Upgrowth.

Are you passionate about your craft? Do you have product genes and enjoy working in multi-disciplinary teams that create high-quality products? Do you believe pragmatism and creativity go hand in hand?


Professional but casual 
working environment

Flexible location 
and work schedule

Career development


Access to the 
start-up ecosystem

Our recruitment approach.

We handle recruitment internally to ensure that we find the most suitable candidates, keep up with market trends, and have more effective conversations.

At Upgrowth, we are dedicated to attracting top talent and creating a positive candidate experience.

Transparent Process

We prioritise creating a positive and inclusive work environment that values fairness, equality and diversity.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We pride ourselves on our highly-skilled cross-functional teams that work together to craft amazing digital products.

Long-Term Fit

We don't simply hire based on skill set. We take into account whether the candidate's values and culture align with our own.

Candidate Focus

We are dedicated to creating a personalised experience for candidates and fostering a positive and productive working relationship.

Our recruitment process.

We design our recruitment process to be a two-way conversation, allowing us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We move quickly for the right candidates.

1. The initial interview

A casual conversation to find out more about each other.

2. Technical Testing

Gives us a good understanding of your technical abilities.

3. Technical Interview

Aligns opportunities and projects with skill set.

1. The Initial Interview

A casual conversation to find out more about each other.

2. Design Challenge

An opportunity to show off your craft and get a glimpse of what you're made of.

3. Design Interview

Aligns opportunities and projects with skill set

'Having worked with some members of the Upgrowth team in the past, I knew it would be an innovative, exciting and challenging place to work alongside talented people. A no-brainer really.'


Senior Full Stack Developer

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