End-to-end solution design and delivery of online lay-by for BIG W.

Each year, BIG W holds a major sales event known as Toy Sale. For the 2020 Toy Sale, it was important to offer a broader range of convenience options online to ensure that customers could take advantage of the Toy Sale even with COVID restrictions in place. A key in-store customer offering is lay-by which allows customers to purchase toys for Christmas at special pricing.

Following on from the 2020 success, BIG W wanted to expand the offering to be an 'always on' solution starting with Toy Sale 2021.

The opportunity.

Upgrowth was asked to find a way of delivering an online lay-by function from technical, in-store and support in a compressed time frame of under 8 weeks. The resulting system needed to scale to handle the peak load BIG W had ever dealt with for a midnight event launch.

Our Expertise.


  • Architecture

  • Solution design

  • Experience design

  • UX/UI Design

  • Visual Design

  • Web development

  • Backend Development


  • Serverless framework

  • AWS lambda, RDS, SES, SQS

  • React

  • MJML

  • NestJS

  • Java

  • Typescript

  • TypeORM

What we did.

Product/Solution Fit

Given the time constraints, we helped to understand and guide where compromise could be made between 'perfect' end-to-end technical solutions and manual workarounds that could be supported by business staff.

As an enterprise customer, there were many existing processes in place that required clear communication and alternate processes to ensure that the broader ecosystem wasn't adversely impacted.

Product/Market Fit

Online lay-by was a very successful initiative, accounting for 40% of all day one event sales contributing to a 5x higher than regular conversion rate and 42% of all sales over the event period.


The launch of online lay-by proved to be a significant revenue driver for BIG W and the business was eager to utilise the service as a permanent customer offering. In collaboration with the BIG W team and building on the Toy Sale 2020 solution, Upgrowth was able to offer a more integrated customer experience for 2021 with a more streamlined business integration reducing manual work and intervention.

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