Providing end-to-end transparency for the commodity supply chain.

We mapped out the commodity supply chain process and developed a built-for-purpose operations management platform that provides end-to-end transparency for merchants, saving hundreds of hours of time.

The opportunity

The commodity supply chain is fragmented and still a very manual process. Merchants are managing this with larger than necessary in-house operation teams who are using outdated software, on-premises infrastructure and legacy systems and at best trying to string the process together with multiple systems.

During the discovery phase, we found that most merchants are collecting data but this is siloed from the organisation and data visibility is limited or non-existent. The other problem was access to relevant information on current positions was delayed to the point that it was not used to make informed decisions.

The solution

We worked closely with seasoned industry professionals to understand commodities, operations and the supply chain. We started with mapping the operational management process from origin to port looking at both purchase and sales flow. Through the process of co-design, we saw an opportunity to not only change but also improve the management and logistic process.

Our solution needed to be cloud-first, have real-time capability and be able to handle large amounts of data for faster processing. We built a working prototype and tested it with a global trading company. The outcome gave the merchant the ability to make informed buying decisions, have real-time visibility on stock levels, real-time reporting, and the ability to increase trade volume without having to increase operations staff.

Our Expertise.


  • Process mapping

  • Product concept wireframes & design

  • User testing & validation

  • Prototype

  • Enterprise Solution

  • Alpha trial


  • React JS

  • Firebase

  • Google Cloud Platform

What we did.

Product/Solution Fit

Croperation now provides a leading-edge digital and eCommerce solution tailored to the Australian cotton industry. The platform has now been through a full season with a large global trading company in Australia as part of an alpha trial. The merchant ran the new platform in parallel with their current system. During this trial ,the Croperation platform decreased the workload for the operations team by up to six hours day. During a busy season, it's estimated to reduce the cost and time spent managing the operational part of the business by 150%.

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