Imagining a new financial experience for parents and their children.

Recognising an opportunity to connect with potential customers at a much earlier age, Visa wanted to understand the motivations behind opening a child’s first transactional bank account.

The opportunity

Visa was looking at different opportunities that would enhance their offering to financial institutions. The innovation team recognised an opportunity to connect with potential customers at a much earlier age and allow their customers to position Visa as the lifetime bank of choice.

We were engaged to research and design a solution that would hold great value for any banking institution and provide a compelling product differentiator.

The solution

A concept that tested really well on both sides was to educate about the power of saving by opening an account for the child at a much earlier age, with parents maintaining full control at the start but with diminishing oversight as the child grew older.

We designed a new type of account that parents could use as a financial education tool for their children. This stayed with the child all the way through to adulthood, transitioning through features and giving parents oversight until they felt it was no longer needed.

A 4-week timeline resulted in a series of in-depth interviews that allowed us to design then validate a product that met the needs and desires of children and their parents alike. This generational bank account offered clear, market-leading advantages over others.

Our Expertise.


  • Research & customer interviews

  • Ideation & concept validation

  • Design

  • Prototyping

  • User Testing

What we did.


We began by speaking to parents and their teenage children to understand the triggers that led to the decision to opening an account, while also exploring features that would make the product highly desirable.


Our research uncovered that children saw opening an account as a rite of passage when gaining financial independence, but parents had concern over their fiscal responsibility.

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