Enabling Solar Adoption.

Reimagining the Sunspot Solar Calculator to empower property owners to choose the optimal solar system.

Enabling solar adoption.

Reimagining the Sunspot Solar Calculator to empower property owners to choose the optimal solar system.

Helping people choose the right solar options.

In partnership with the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI) and backed by the Australian Government, Upgrowth has successfully reimagined and launched the Sunspot Solar Calculator — an invaluable resource that assists property owners in navigating the complex choices surrounding solar panel installations.

In a market flooded with seemingly enticing options, Sunspot acts as a trustworthy guide, offering precise financial and environmental insights to empower property owners in selecting the optimal solar system.

The Partnership

Upgrowth was approached by APVI to be the design & delivery partner for the Sunspot Solar Calculator. Over 18 months, Upgrowth worked with APVI to design and deliver the Sunspot product.  Working in a phased  approach Upgrowth delivered new platform versions working from redesigning the proof of concept to delivering a product ready for scale.

What we did.

The Sunspot platform is  designed to seamlessly integrate into various contexts, from the comfort of the couch to the productivity of the desk.  Through an iterative user-first design and development approach Upgrowth delivered  a user-friendly experience for individuals seeking informed decisions about solar options for their property

A mobile first experience.

Adopting a mobile-first approach, Upgrowth created a dynamic calculator and solar system mapping tool for all devices.
This allows the product to be used by anyone in any situation, whether you are on-site or sitting on the couch.

Dynamic, accurate calculation with Solar system mapping.

Through enabling mapping technologies Upgrowth co-designed the Map My Roof tool. This dynamic mapping feature introduces an ingenious way for users to map a solar system to their property roof to calculate how it will perform. To facilitate a seamless user experience, the tool incorporates contextual guidance, informative tooltips, and clear instructions.  An in-page contextual toolbar enables responsiveness, while a guided approach and user-friendly tabs allow flexible navigation between steps, providing users with the necessary instructions and prompts for a successful shading process.

Helping users find their way with in platform user guidance.

The Sunspot platform is thoughtfully designed to help users every step of the way, utilising in-page navigation and contextual help to guide users seamlessly through the process. This intentional design choice aims to prevent user confusion, gently leading them towards completion and enhancing their overall experience.
Onboarding steps are strategically placed to set clear expectations and mentally prepare users for upcoming tasks, featuring updated landing screens and an added context screen in the map tool. In-context call-to-action buttons nudge users to progress, while a completeness indicator ensures all relevant information is provided for accurate estimates. Embracing the latest web standards, including a new grid system and data-driven navigation, ensures an engaging and accessible experience on any screen size.

Making data accessible to show the benefits of solar.

The Sunspot calculator provides the user with a rich output of property-specific data allowing a user to make an informed choice when choosing solar.
Through engaging users in the design process Upgrowth made the data accessible to all platform users by displaying key metrics that answer the commonly asked questions.

Co-designed to create a best-in-class product experience.

Throughout the project phases Upgrowth engaged with APVI stakeholders and users to review, test and validate all decisions and design choices ensuring a user first best- in -class solution.

Enabling a seamless user experience with design systems.

To ensure our design and delivery process was consistent and streamlined, we established a comprehensive design system for Sunspot. This design system serves as the backbone of the user interface, providing a cohesive and consistent visual language that extends across various elements and components of the platform. It not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also ensures a seamless and harmonious user experience.

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