Supporting sustainable seafood.

Upgrowth partnered up with the Australian Marine Conservation Society to reimagine and deliver the mobile app for their GoodFish Sustainable Seafood Guide.

Supporting sustainable seafood.

Upgrowth partnered up with AMCS to reimagine and deliver their Good Fish Sustainable Seafood Guide Native Application.

Helping consumers make the right seafood choice through a user-first approach.

Working with the GoodFish team, Upgrowth redesigned the mobile app experience for both iOS and Android. Through our iterative design and development process, we created a simple, easy-to-use experience that allows users to identify the right seafood choice quickly and easily.
The outcome was a consistent app experience across all mobile devices and the delivery of new core features.

What we did.

Upgrowth delivered a suite of user-first features that were optimised for the home cook and professional chefs alike. The new and improved GoodFish app ensures users can find the right seafood options whether they are in-store, ordering online or visiting a fish market.

Step-by-step onboarding.

We crafted a straightforward and easily digestible onboarding flow to enlighten users about the app's key features, providing a delightful welcome to the app for first-time users.
The purposeful illustrations aim to establish recognition of essential features, incorporating icons and patterns inherent to the app.

Consistent, easy navigation.

In enhancing the navigation, our focus was on simplifying the app navigation for users by implementing common navigation patterns and clear calls to action.
We implemented a bottom navigation bar, prioritising the “Seafood Guide” and the "Near Me" feature. Following closely were the new "Favourites" feature and the "About" page.

Clear & simple seafood guide.

We aimed to ensure the optimal experience for users, given that the seafood guide is the primary feature and the most significant value point of the app. We introduced a uniform card design for the "seafood guide" list view, a rating tab bar for efficient filtering, and improved scroll behaviour—returning to the top of the list after applying a filter.
Additionally, when revisiting the list after viewing a seafood option, users are placed in the same position for a seamless experience. Changes were made to the hierarchy of information on the Seafood Details page for enhanced readability and accessibility.

Easily find sustainable suppliers with the Near Me map feature.

In enhancing the map feature, we incorporated widely recognised patterns to improve the user experience. We also added a  preview feature, allowing users to explore supplier images without having to switch to the detailed view. This ensures users can seamlessly continue browsing their local area.
Clicking on a pin now centres the map for a user-friendly location view. Additionally, in the list view, when users have location settings enabled, the default sort is set to "distance by user's location" for enhanced convenience.

Seafood sustainability status updates with Favourites.

We incorporated the 'Favourites' feature into the bottom navigation, keeping it intentionally simple. This straightforward design allows for scalability, making future iterations, such as adding notifications for favourited seafood, more seamless and adaptable.

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